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Mar 16, 2016

Take Part In My Upcoming Project!

Dear friends and family, 

I am building an installation in my art studio in Noodleworks this June/July, and part of the content involves input from my community.  The subject is the American Family, and I am seeking to gather a social history of America starting from my own network outward.  

To participate:  

1) Talk to your parents, family elders, and friends to delve into your history in America.

2) Collect old photographs, written stories, email correspondence, documents, letters, or other artifacts that tell your family's experience in America,

3) Provide the information to me by May 1st, 2016.

If any information is sensitive, you or I can redact (black out) the information. Also if you are the first generation in the US, I am happy to include your photo and story about your experience. 

Your materials will not be published online, but included in print on transparency for the installation.

Part of the purpose of this piece is to get us talking and sharing our historical selves with the people that we are personally close to at school, jobs, facebook, etc.  Another hopeful outcome is that we may all get to know ourselves better through exploring and engaging in our own histories and families. And finally, I hope that this may lead me to a conversation with you someday about this subject that I am becoming increasing passionate about.  

I have included examples of my own family's artifacts in America below to start off the sharing.  

Please reach me with questions or input at devonmidorihale(at) 

Much love,

Devon Midori Hale