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May 5, 2014

Tule Lake Slipcast Bowl

Tule Lake Slipcast Bowl

I have started to play with imagery from the Japanese internment camps.  I plan to reinterview members of my family that were relocated during WWII.   The generation that experienced this is currently in their 80s and above, and I feel that my proximity to that primary source shouldn't be wasted.

When I was in middle school, I interviewed my stepgrandmother [I call her Grandma Nobie, but not to be confused with my mom's biological mother who killed herself as a young adult] about living in the internment camp when she was high school age.  The cassette tape was turned into my teacher, and I got an A+ on the project, but unfortunately we lost track of the tape at one point. The story I can still remember is about a time in the mess hall. Grandma Nobie put some mustard on a baked potato in her bowl and found herself surrounded by the others who mistakenly thought it was an egg, and wondered where she'd gotten the scarce, protien-rich egg.

You can expect my next ceramic slip-cast to have a painting of a dollop of yellow mustard on some grey lumps in the bowl's interior.  I hope to make more objects to represent these little narratives as I find them in my research.