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  • Crayongießen, Lo-Fi Arts Festival 2013 and Nepo 5k Don't Run 2013

    Crayongießen is an interactive performance piece where I tell participants fortunes read from the dropped casts of melted crayons. The idea is based on a German New Years tradition called Bleigießen, where people melt a small amount of lead, drop it in a bowl of water, and then read their fortune from the shape. This piece is my own manifestation of the confusion of mixing someone’s ancient tradition with the everyday. It is also an exploration of what a person’s interpretations of abstract shapes can reveal, similar to the Rorschach Test.

  • Data From The Seattle Times Aug. 23, 2013, "How Has Your Rent Changed Over Time?"

    A collaboration with Eric John Olson, this installation is a temporary wheat-paste mural using reclaimed posters ripped off of telephone poles in the lively Capitol Hill Pike/Pine neighborhood. The mural includes a textural data visualization of the changes in rent prices as well as a poem by Michelle Penalosa titled, "Patterns of Love in People of Diaspora."

  • Terracotta Army, Dirt and Ceramic, NEPO 5k Don't Run 2012

    A play on the idea of instant artifacts and appropriation of my ancestor's culture that I personally lack a direct connection to.

  • Homage to Josef Albers

    A collaboration with artist Foster Turcott for the group show DUPED!, held during the 2012 NCECA Conference in Seattle.