I am a painter.

I was born in 1986 in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.

I graduated from Garfield High School in 2005 and University of Washington with a BFA in Drawing and Painting in 2009.

I went to Jentel Artist Residency in Wyoming in 2014 to embark on a project that explored dark narratives of my family's past, embraced my family's Japanese-pioneer-cowboy traditions in Wyoming, as well as searching for my biological grandmother's story and identity. 

I shared my paintings from Jentel in a show at Martyr Sauce Gallery (martyrsauce.com) in late 2014 and was awarded First Place in the the City Arts Art Walk Awards of Winter 2015.

I became a mural artist at Building Bridges Arts Collaborative (clevelandmurals.org) in 2015, working closely with Executive Director and lead artist Katherine Chilcote on a massive mural for the Washington State Labor Council, which is scheduled to be unveiled on April 30th, 2017.  In these years I have visited Cleveland to work on more murals with Katherine as a Teaching Artist at Building Bridges' Summer Mural Institute.

I began working as a Teaching Artist at Pat Graney Company's Prison Project (patgraney.org/education/keeping-the-faith) in 2016. Our KTF team is currently working in the Yesler Terrace community and as well as Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women.

I am interested in the common space inhabited by past and present, the imperfect process of the creation of memory and history, and the deep way that family history impacts one's identity, reality, and life.

I currently reside in the Central District of Seattle. I have fallen deeply, madly in love with my community, my friends, my family, my artistic peers, my mentors, and everyone in my life.



in transition...


Michelle Peñaloza, poet

Tessa Hulls, artist

Eric John Olson, artist

Tia Kramer, artist

Katherine Chilcote, muralist

Beverly Naidus, artist & educator

Rachel Brumer, artist 

Pat Graney, artist & dance

Sarah Arvey, educator & designated life partner

Jack Leonard, film & animation

Cheryl Delostrinos, dance

Tariqa Waters, artist & curator

*note: the titles I have given my people are almost arbritary in that they can only begin to describe their  diverse & myriad abilities.